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Russian Touch

at Historical Resort 

August is the peak of the social season in Deauville: elite horses, races and «Chanel», ice-cold champagne and casino nights, promenades and movie stars incognito, oysters and golf, sea bathing and vintage cars…
In 2018 all these things will present a magnificent backdrop for the Festival of Russian Art. Cultural tradition and innovation, high society and best ballet dancers, retrospectives and meeting with the experts, ritzy soirees inspired by the «Belle Époque» aesthetics, sophisticated conversations and Russian ballet…  
Elegant, but also perfectly informal, the Festival will without doubt become one of the highlights of the coming season on the shores of Normandy, an event not to be missed.



The Festival of Russian Art in Deauville is a series of cultural, educational, and recreational events with one common theme: the Russian contribution to the World’s culture.  
The 2018 edition of the Festival will be dedicated to Sergey Diaghilev, the visionary and the entrepreneur, the man who helped the world discover Russian ballet and Russian art nouveau. More than a century after the triumph of Diaghilev's «Ballet Russe» the artists, performers and impresarios are once again reflecting upon the place of Russian art on the global art scene.
The highlight of the Festival will be «Sergey D.» gala, dedicated to Sergey Diaghilev and the performances of his famous ballet company in Deauville in 1912 on the stage of Theatre Casino Barriere.
For the first time after a long break the stars of Russian ballet including the soloists of Bolshoi theatre, Mariinsky theatre and Moscow Stanislavskiy and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre will step on the historical stage and perform the excerpts from the shows that have once put Russian ballet on the map as well as the masterpieces of the contemporary choreography.
The guests of the Festival will have an opportunity to taste the modern Russian cuisine presented by one of the best Russian chefs.



Saturday, August 18, 2018

«Sergey D.» Gala



Theatre Casino Barriere.

World premiere of the original ballet production and the masterpieces of the "Russian Seasons" choreography performed by Russian ballet stars. 



Ambassador Ball Room Normandy Barriere. «A la russe» Dinner.

Modern Russian cuisine in the interpretation of one of the best chefs in Russia.

Special guest — Askar Abdrazakov Mariinsky Theatre opera soloist


Sunday, August 19, 2018 



Theatre Casino Barriere.

World premiere of the original ballet production and the masterpieces of the "Russian Seasons" choreography performed by Russian ballet stars. 


Special Guests

OLGA SMIRNOVA – Bolshoi Theatre Principal Dancer


DENIS RODKIN – Bolshoi Theatre Principal Dancer 


ARTEM OVCHARENKO – Bolshoi Theatre Principal Dancer 


ANNA TIKHOMIROVA – Bolshoi Theatre Soloist Dancer 


VYACHESLAV LOPATIN – Bolshoi Theatre Principal Dancer


ANASTASIA STASHKEVICH – Bolshoi Theatre Principal Dancer


NATALIA FILINA – Bolshoi Theatre Soloist Dancer 

TATIANA TKACHENKO – Mariinsky Theatre Soloist Dancer

IVAN OSCORBIN – Mariinsky Theatre Soloist Dancer


INNOKENTIY YULDASHEV – The Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre Soloist Dancer


ELENA SOLOMYANKO – The Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre Soloist Dancer


GARRETT SMITH  American choreographer,

dancer at The Norvegian National Ballet 



Festival Team

Sergey Filin

 Creator of the Festival’s artistic programme

Ballet dancer and the former Ballet director of Bolshoi Theatre from 2011 to 2016.
Benois de la dance prize winner, the Honored Artist of Russia.

Vladimir Mukhin

 Сreator of the gastronomic menu of the festival


One of the best Russian chefs of the "new wave". Chef of the restaurant White Rabbit, the brand-chef
of the restaurant group White Rabbit Family. In 2017, the first edition of the Russian version of the gastronomic guide Gault & Millau awarded the restaurant White Rabbit 17.5 points out of 20 possible.
The first Russian chef, whose restaurant is included in the international rating The World's 50 Best Restaurants for two years in a row: №23 in 2015, №18 in 2016, №15 in 2018. Represents Russian cuisine at the main gastronomic congresses of the world. Profiled in one of the episodes of Netflix’s Chef’s Table documentary telling the stories of the most innovative chefs on the Planet.

Veronika Bogatyreva

Creator of the Idea, Producer

Specialized in art-producing and communication consulting.

Is fond of Russian Art of the XIX-XX century.

Natalia Gunderina


Specialized in branding communications, project management and event management.

Natalya Krasnova

Representative in France. Communication Manager.



The quiet colours of the coast of English Channel and Normandy’s laconic landscapes are a perfect backdrop not only for the showcase of luxury but also for recollection of the thoughts and relaxation of the mind. 

The upper-class resort of Deauville took form during the Belle Epoque as the «kingdom of elegance and perfection». It has always been cherished by the international bohème and elite who would gather here to exchange creative ideas and social rumour. 

Art has always played an extremely important role. The Casino Barriere built in 1912 is a real masterpiece of the European art nouveau. The Theatre Casino was opened in 1912 and one of the first performances it saw was by the dancers of Sergey Diaghilev's «Ballet Russe». The soloist, Vaclav Nijinsky, was then at the summit of his fame, as was another performer - the famous Russian-born opera singer Feodor Chaliapin. Theatre Casino Barriere has also hosted the performances of Sarah Bernard and many other magnificent stars of all time.

Deauville is also known as a world-class center of the equestrian sports and hippodrome business. The races and race horses have always been the essential part of life and leisure for the rich and famous. Deauville hosts series of prestigious races and auctions of the highest class attended by Middle Eastern sheiks, millionaires, and young aristocrats. 

In August, during one of the most prestigious events, the concentration of the important guests reaches its peak. The audience is attracted not only by the prestige of the equestrian events but also by the festive picnic-like atmosphere and the excitement reigning the hippodromes of Deauville. 
The closeness to Paris and the beauty of the Normandy coast, the mild climate, and the gorgeous historic hotels place Deauville in the ranking of high-society resorts.


Nobility and members of the financial elite know that here they can hide from the buzzing world at any time and enjoy the silence, the luxury and the elegance. 

Russian Art:

Deauville Revisited

The destiny of Deauville and Russian culture has daintily interwoven at their very foundation, like a vignette in the stage set decorations. 

For the two weeks of the August season of 1912 Deauville was witnessing the golden age and the heights of Diaghilev’s «Ballet Russe» company. The crown jewel of the shows was Vaclav Nijinsky, who seemed as breezy as the August wind in Deauville when he was fluttering across the stage of Theatre Casino Barriere in «Le Spectre de la Rose». 
The disruption of the old world, the war, the desolation, the tragedy were  yet so far away. In the meantime they are young and beautiful and they delight the sophisticated audience at the new resort with their virtuosity... 


The 2018 edition of Deauville Festival of Russian Art celebrates those geniuses, romantics and philanthropists, and the tender friendships and the creative unions between Russian and French. 

No conversation about 20th-century dance, music or visual art is possible without mentioning the name Sergey Diaghilev, of this extraordinary man who is still considered one of the most important figures and ambassadors of the Russian art to the world and opened a new chapter in the history of arts.


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The Festival Club is an international community of private investors with a flawless taste. The philanthropy and interest in arts have always been considered a noble hobby bringing new encounters advantageous for business as well as for personal development.

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